6. How do I apply for a CGC facility?

  • You can approach the nearest CGC branch to submit an application for BizMaju, BizSME, Bumiputera Entrepreneur Project Fund–i (TPUB-i), BizMula-i and BizBina-i only.
  • For other credit facilities to be covered by CGC, the lending institution does the processing and evaluation and then will take you through the necessary steps to obtain the required CGC guarantee cover. There is no need for a separate application.
  • Currently, CGC has 16 branches nationwide. At the same time, CGC is represented by all the commercial banks through their network of more 2,600 branches nationwide. Thus, the helping hand of CGC is always near and readily available.
  • CGC does not appoint any 3rd parties / agents to act on its behalf to assist SMEs to obtain financing. Please contact our Client Service Centre at 03-7880 0088 or our branch nearest to you for assistance.