BizMaju Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

  • Meet National SME Development Council’s (NSDC) SME definition (for details, please click here);
  • Business is registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM); authorities/ district offices in Sabah and Sarawak; or statutory bodies for professional service providers;
  • Must be a Malaysian-controlled and Malaysian-owned (at least 51% shareholding) company or business and must reside in Malaysia;
  • The business must be in operation for at least one (1) year. However, the key person must have at least two (2) years prior experience in managing a business of similar nature;
  • Key person/ successor’s age must be at least 21 years at the point of application and maximum of 65 years old upon settlement.

Purpose of Loan

  • Working Capital and/ or
  • Asset Acquisition

Loan Amount

  • Minimum : RM50,000
  • Maximum : RM500,000

Loan Tenure

  • Up to FIVE (5) years

Type of Facilities

  • Term Loan (TL)

Interest Rate

  • The interest rate is the Base Lending Rate (BLR) per RHB Bank Berhad + 0% per annum (BLR + 0%)

Guarantee Fee

As low as 0.5% and up to a maximum of 5.75%.

i) Payment of Guarantee Fee

  • New Letter of Guarantee (LG) – Payable upon request for LG by Financial Institution
  • Anniversary LG – Payable on or before LG anniversary date, together with the annual Guarantee Fee

ii) Refund of Guarantee Fee

  • Refund of Guarantee Fee will be pro-rated on monthly basis and applicable for LG cancelled or amended by CGC based on the unutilised period of the LG.
  • The utilised period is calculated from the month of LG / anniversary LG until the month of receipt of cancellation / approval of amendment by CGC.

Participating Financier

  • RHB Bank Berhad

Application Procedure

  • Application form is available at all CGC’s branches or Click here to download Application Form.
  • The complete application form together with all supporting documents can be submitted to any CGC branches.