BizJamin Bumi Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

  • New and existing borrower.
  • Company must be registered in Malaysia.
  • Eligible to Sdn Bhd, Partnership & Sole Proprietorship business entity.
  • Must be at least 51% owned by bumiputera (shareholding) & within SME definition.
  • Guarantee coverage is up to 90% of the unsecured portion

Maximum Loan Limit

Loan of up to RM10.0 million.

Type Of Loan Facilities Covered

  • Term Loan
  • Bills Purchased
  • Overdraft
  • Bankers Acceptance
  • Letter of Credit
  • Shipping/Performance/Bank Guarantee
  • Trust Receipt
  • Hire Purchase
  • Export Credit Refinancing (ECR)
  • Leasing

Interest Rate

The annual interest rate is up to Base Lending Rate (BLR) + 2% maximum of the financing institutions.

*Financing institutions are free to quote the interest rate if the guarantee cover is 50% or less.

Guarantee Coverage

The CGC guarantee coverage ranges from between 30% to 90% subject to the following:-

  • Unsecured Portion – Up to 90% (a maximum cover of RM3.0 million)
  • Secured Portion – Up to 90% (no capping imposed on secured portion)

Guarantee Fee

  • Unsecured Portion : 0.75% to 4.00% per annum.
  • Secured Portion : 0.50% to 3.20% per annum.

SMEs with higher risk profiles will be charged higher guarantee fees, whereas SMEs with lower risk profiles will be charged lower guarantee fees. The range observed is to match borrower’s credibility in terms of risk rating with the pricing of the guarantee.

i) Payment of Guarantee Fee

  • New Letter of Guarantee (LG) – Payable upon request for LG by Financial Institution (FI).
  • Anniversary LG – Payable on or before LG anniversary date.

ii) Refund of Guarantee Fee

  • Refund of guarantee fee will be pro rated on monthly basis. The utilized period is calculated from the month of LG/Anniversary LG until the month of cancellation/amendment.
  • The refund of guarantee fee on pro rated basis is applicable for LGs that are cancelled or amended by CGC commencing 2nd Jan 2013 onwards.