Eligibility Criteria

  • Aged 21 – 60 (upon settlement of full instalment payment).
  • Business meets either one of the “women” definition stipulated in the FAQ section.
  • Must be SME per National SME Development Council’s (NSDC) definition.
  • Business registered in Malaysia and is Malaysian-controlled and Malaysian-owned (at least 51% shareholding).
  • Business is at least licensed by a local authority.
  • Business has been licensed and/or in operations for any number of years (not confined to any minimum nor maximum number of years).

Financing Amount

  • Min – RM20,000
  • Max – RM300,000

* Depending on eligibility of each customer.

Type of Facility

  • Term Financing only

* For the purpose of working capital and/ or asset acquisition.

Financing Rate

  • Min – BFR + 0.20%
  • Max – BFR + 1.65%

* Prevailing BFR is based on Maybank Islamic BFR and is subject to further changes.


Maximum of seven (7) years.

Application Procedures

  • Application form is available at all CGC’s branches or click here to download Application Form.
  • The complete application form together with all supporting documents can be submitted to any CGC branches.

* Subject to the availability of funds.