BizWanita-i is a direct financing scheme to cater specifically for women entrepreneurs that business is less than 4 years in operations utilising the BNM’s Fund for SMEs (other than SMEs in the Primary Agriculture Sector and Micro Enterprises).

The funds are designed to facilitate greater access to financing for viable SMEs.

Purpose of Financing

  • Working capital; and/or
  • Asset acquisition (i.e. purchase of machinery and equipment)

Financing should not be used for:

  • Purchase of shares;
  • Refinancing of existing credit/financing facilities;
  • Purchase of land/real estate investment;
  • Purchase of business properties;
  • Property development;
  • Investment by investment holding companies;
  • Activities where the stock in trade is money (including credit, leasing, factoring and insurance businesses);
  • Gambling, alcohol, tobacco or other similar type of activities and products; and
  • Shari’ah non-compliant business activities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Meet National SME Development Council’s (NSDC) SME definition (for details, please click here);
  • Must be a Malaysian-controlled and Malaysian-owned (at least 51% shareholding) company or business and must reside in Malaysia;
  • Company or business of which at least 51% shareholding is owned by a woman/ women and the key person is a woman at point of application;
  • Business has been registered and/ or in operations for less than 4 years;
  • Key person/ successor’s age must be at least 21 years old at the point of application and maximum of 65 years old upon full settlement;
  • Business is registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM); or authorities/district offices in Sabah and Sarawak; or statutory bodies for professional service providers;
  • Maximum shareholders’ funds not exceeding RM5 million;
  • Shareholding by Public Listed Companies and Government Linked Companies (if any) in the SMEs shall not exceed 20%.

Financing Amount

  • Minimum : RM30,000
  • Maximum : RM300,000

Type of Facility

  • Term Financing only

Financing Rate

  • Effective Profit Rate: *BNM Funding Rate at 1.50% (as at 19th June 2017) + 6.30% p.a.
  • Ceiling Profit Rate: 12.00% p.a.

* BNM Funding Rate may be subject to change at the discretion of BNM.

Financing Tenure

  • Up to 5 years

Application Procedures

  • Application form is available at all CGC’s branches or Click here to download Application Form.
  • The complete application form together with all supporting documents can be submitted to any CGC branches.