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Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC) is a limited company incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 on July 5, 1972. Its main objective is to play a developmental role in supporting the country’s economic development agenda by assisting marginal but potentially viable small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), particularly enterprises without collateral or with inadequate collateral and track record, to obtain financing from the financial institutions. CGC facilitates SMEs access to financing through its guarantee schemes.

In its formative years, CGC’s main aim was to assist the small enterprises particularly in agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. As the Malaysian economy expanded and diversified over the years, the demand for CGC’s guarantee services also grew in tandem. This has lead CGC to expand its range of products and services to cater for larger credit facilities required by the medium-sized SMEs.

Today, CGC’s support for SMEs is not only confined to the provision of loan guarantee and financing facilities, but also advisory services such as financial and business development, credit information and credit rating services in collaboration with SME Corp and Credit Bureau Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. Through the Bureau, CGC help SMEs to improve their creditworthiness and bankability to enable them to secure favourable financing and credit terms from the banks and other credit grantors on their own merit.

In recent years, CGC have forged strategic alliances with fellow banking partners to offer innovative financing options and delivery channels that are cost-effective and efficient to enhance SMEs access to financing.

To date, CGC has assisted via availing over 453,854 financing to SMEs valued over RM67.1 billion since its establishment.

The current shareholders of CGC are Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) and commercial banks licensed in Malaysia operating through a network of more than 2,600 branches nationwide.

Shareholders :

Institutions % Shareholding
Bank Negara Malaysia 78.65%
Others 21.35%


Authorised Share Capital : RM3.0 billion shares of RM1 each

  • Preference Shares : RM500 million shares of RM1 each
  • Ordinary Shares : RM2.5 billion shares of RM1 each

Issued and Fully Paid : RM1,785.6 million shares of RM1 each

  • Preference Shares : RM200 million shares of RM1 each
  • Ordinary Shares : RM1,585.6 million shares of RM1 each

Federal Government Gazette :




To be an effective financial institution dedicated to promoting the growth and development of competitive and dynamic small and medium enterprises.


To enhance the viability of small and medium enterprises through the provision of products and services at competitive terms and, with the highest degree of professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness.

Delivery Channels